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Solve big problems with clever chatbots

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Our enterprise-ready chatbots scale to millions of users and are ready sell, support, delight, and most importantly - serve every one of your users personally. All while unlocking new streams of value on multiple levels of your organisation.

Supercharge your business with an intelligent chatbot

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Turn your business objectives and services into a curated conversational flow.
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Personally engage every audience member with a combination of powerful tools.
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Build truly qualitative insight with artificially enhanced analytics and insights.
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Automate the delivery of tailored communications and services to millions with your chatbots.
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Conversational commerce starts with your business logic

Marketing, sales, and customer service are facets of one vertical - communications. Our software and our team is built around effectively aiding you to unify these channels in a sustainable way. Bot the Builder's integrated, intelligent chatbot technology is designed to supercharge, unify and utilise data across your organisation.
Powerful Chatbot
Engagement + Trust
User engagement drives conversions, and a chatbot delivers content with context, every time. Build value and trust from the get-go, and create a brilliant customer journey from any entry point.
Engaging Chatbots
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Sales + Marketing
Let your sales team focus on what they do best. Chatbots find customers, qualify leads, and automate order management. Sell, upsell, and suggest products to users - 24/7.
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Service Chatbot
Service + Support
A chatbot can learn to live and breathe your entire knowledge base - answering questions and performing tasks in an instant. Provide automated service around the clock, with no wait times.
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Bespoke Analytics Chatbot
Analytics + Supplementary Platform
Build sustainable audience knowledge with artificially enhanced analytics, and inform wider strategies with detailed qualitative insights. Layers of natural language processing and sentiment analysis combine to ensure your organisation is doing all it can to optimise the conversation.
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Adaptive chatbot technology customised for your needs

By combining bespoke development specific to your business goals and integrating with your existing infrastructure and data, Bot the Builder turns conversations into powerful actions that can ripple through your whole network.
Chatbot Integration
Technology Infrastructure
Bot the Builder is a two-layer supplement that integrates at both ends. Our chatbots link to a layer of tools which include your analytics platform and broadcasting tools for your organisation. Our tools can integrate the data from your chatbot all the way in to your databases and business systems.
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Bot the Builder is designed to end one-way communications, by empowering and utilising your data to its fullest potential. Our vision is to help you listen and attend to each customer personally, communicating like a dynamic entity.
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Chatbots are working wonders in the travel industry

Although chatbots are just starting to become relevant and prevalent, they are already elevating both KPIs and user experiences to new heights in travel.

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